Pete Postlethwaite, 7 February 1946 – 2 January 2011

January 3, 2011

Pete Postlethwaite has reportedly passed away. 😦

Condolences to his loved ones.

He made countless films better with his presence.  In fact, he’s so rich and integral to my particular knowledge and conception of what cinema is, I’m rather surprised his filmography isn’t even longer.

Either way, I’ll miss in the future looking to the screen and that seemingly ever-reliable pleasant surprise of, “Oh, Pete’s in this!”

To better lands you drift away.


Inception Plot Details

August 26, 2009

Taken from this fine Sci-Fi blog: io9.

Leonardo DiCaprio has thus far only been described as a CEO and our first glimpse of his character in the new Inception trailer showed a mildly skiddish person, but revealed little more.

Incontention reveals, based on an inside source who’s read the script, that Leo’s character Cobb is also a thief. Cobb “dives,” (perhaps this was what all the water was about) into people’s dreams to get information.

Ellen Page, Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s Arthur and Tom Hardy’s Eames are all a part of Cobbs business team. Together they create and manipulate your dreams, Ellen Page’s character Ariadne is an dream engineer of sorts.

The way someone enters another dream is via injection. Which means they can enter dreams from wherever they are, shots being portable.

But the biggest spoiler of them all happens after Cobb and his wife end up trapped in the dream world and his wife tries to convince him to stay in the dream world even though he wants to go back to be with his family. Somehow Cobb’s wife ends up committing suicide in the dream world in an attempt to try and get back to the real world — not sure what changed her mind. But as urban myth goes, if you die in your dreams, you die in real life. And Cobb wakes up accused of the murder of his wife.


—Sounds pretty awesome. It’s projects like this that make me care less about Nolan’s return to Batman.

Inception Trailer

August 24, 2009

Monday 9 P.M. PST.

According to This.

First Picture from Inception (kinda)

June 28, 2009


It appears the film has dropped the idea of taking place inside the architecture of the mind. Instead it will be a 200 million dollar psychological thriller/comedy involving a gay romp through tokyo ala Lost in Translation. Bill Murray is in the running to play a depressed middle-age crisis priest searching for the man who killed his father/wife/mother. The film will use a non-linear narrative style in picture-in-picture style, enabling Nolan to simultaneously meld the stories of the two main characters plus Tesla. Christian Bale will make a cameo as a trans-gender man-woman-man pimp who runs a small company of homosexual Geishas. He’ll probably have a deep welsh accent.

Radiohead will opt out of playing the ending credit music. Instead they’ll write and perform a song incorporating the names of the entire cast and crew into the lyrics. The credits will be available on iTunes in 20 different versions each costing $0.99. This will be done for obvious reasons that aren’t entirely obvious.

A David Bowie song will play over those credits.

Michael Caine will voice a talking dog. His performance will be hailed as genius. Wally Pfister will weep.

Nolan’s Next Movie

February 11, 2009

Nolan’s next isn’t Batman, it’s called INCEPTION!

I, for one, am glad he’ll be doing something non-Batman in the meantime. It may not be The Prisoner or The Exec, but a Nolan film always rocks. What does everyone thing? Sad Batman won’t be next?

Look for it next summer.