Review Time — Predators

Sometimes films don’t even deserve to be written about let alone be made.

Sometimes good intentions aren’t enough.

Sometimes Robert Rodriguez isn’t enough.

Predators is one of these films.

I would not recommend this film to even the most die-hard fan of the franchise. I’m a huge fan of both the Alien and Predator franchises. Heck, I even found some worth in AvP—until they made the 2nd one. And even this latest film had some potential despite too much exposition in the beginning.

But about halfway through the film, the story does something that completely ruins the experience. They’re all in Morpheus’s pad, and one of the characters picks up a samurai sword and a comment is made implying the Predators have been bringing warriors to the planet for hundreds of years, and at one point they brought one of the greatest warriors to walk this earth. From that point on you want to see that film. You want to see Deadliest Warrior on Predator world (if you haven’t watched Spike’s Deadliest Warrior, you really should check out an episode or two: it’s fun).

How cool would it have been to see a bunch of Samurai fight Predators. Or even better yet, the greatest warriors this world has seen: Samurai, Spartans, English Knights, Viking Berserkers, etc. That movie would be balls-out insane. And everybody would want to see it. But sadly we don’t get that movie. We get The Pianist and Forman from that 70s show battling Predators.

Hollywood, never let the audience know that there’s potentially a better movie out there that you didn’t make.



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  1. David says:


    (& now I suspect I know what your script is about…!)

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