AK-Film #3-I Live in Fear (1955)

Claustrophobic. Slowly-paced. Tense.

Strangely Toshiro Mifune plays an elderly man in this film. Paranoid about atomic weaponry, he goes about sacrificing the needs of his family and others who depend on him all in the name of finding shelter from the bomb.

Kurosawa’s comment on the world’s state of mind in the early years of the cold war may be lost on those who did not grow up in such times. I believe it would take living with your country having been previously nuked to truly connect with the film. Still, one can’t help but feel respect for the old man while disdain for the children who seem less concerned with his wellbeing and more with getting their hands on his sizable estate.

I Live in Fear plays slow, deliberate, and subtle. I suggest pairing with a nice Irish whiskey or an Australian Cabernet.


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