Introducing: Short Film of the Week series

This marks the beginning of a new series here at Something Offensive.  Pretty self-explanatory if not exceptionally original (that’s fast becoming my M.O., I know).

I think this will provide a nice outlet for myself and others to expose ourselves to and discuss more experimental works and help us better appreciate the cinematic form.

I plan to watch a fair amount of shorts every week, by filmmakers known and unknown, with content and ideas ranging all over the map.  And come each weekend, I’ll post my favorite find.

If there are any short films you would like to see featured in the weeks ahead, let us know in the comments below, and I’ll be sure to check them out.

This week’s selection: “There’s Only One Sun”  (2007)

director: Wong Kar-wai

I wanted to kick things off by getting an obvious choice of filmmaker out of the way.  I’ve often touted WKW’s more well-known feature work, and in case you haven’t seen Fallen Angels or In the Mood for Love, this might serve as a good primer.

Philips commissioned the director to showcase their new HD TV’s capabilities, and couldn’t have possibly made a better selection.  Here we’re treated to Wong’s brand of narration, his striking use of light and color,  tragic romantic characters, very particular soundtrack, bold titles, notes of interpersonal isolation, etc.   I find both the French language and the futuristic neo-noir set-up are natural fits for the director; the central concept really allows him to demonstrate his craft.  My only major critique is that I  wish the narrative had maintained a greater sense of mystery.  The first minute or two had me fully intrigued, so I couldn’t help but feel somewhat letdown once it sort of revealed its hand.

All in all, between this and Wong’s somewhat aesthetically-similar 2046, I’d be greatly interested to see him tackle a feature-length of this or something close in line provided he had a more refined story.  It’s just a painfully beautiful vision to behold.

What are your thoughts?


6 Responses to Introducing: Short Film of the Week series

  1. Taos says:

    I like this idea. I’ll check out the film after class. When you mentioned the phillips commercial, something sparked in my mind like i’ve seen this before somewhere. For some reason, the screen clip reminds me of Blade Runner. Not sure why. Just thought I’d say so.

  2. Taos says:

    Personally, I hated it. To borrow a line from Family Guy, “It insists upon itself.” Like “In the Mood for Love,” Kar Wai’s style comes off as arrogant. I’m probably in an overly-critical mood, but that’s how I feel at the moment.

    Did Christopher Doyle do the Photography? I will say that he is the man. Top five DP’s working in film today.

  3. David says:

    No, Philippe Le Sourd. The last time Doyle and Wong collaborated was in 2004 I believe.

  4. Taos says:

    Might I nominate “Six-Shooter” by Martin McDonagh:

    Gets a little too dark at times, but a nice preview of themes used in “In Bruges.”

    • David says:

      Dude, that’s cheating.

      (I’ll look into it.)

      [ fact, I’ll probably use it..]

      {…SK stuff keeping me busy and whatnot…}

      |….I could sure go for a Pacman donut right about now….|

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