My Picks for the 10’s

  1. A move away from “dark” films.
    • Last decade was by all accounts one of the worst the human race (America in particular) has experienced. From 9/11 to the wars, tsunamis and hurricanes, and finally economic woes; the 2000s sucked. This was frequently reflected in grim pessimistic films such as The Dark Knight, There Will Be Blood, and even the Star Wars prequels. The real nail in the coffin was the suggestion that the next Superman film would be darker. WTF!? Aside from the fact that Superman is not a dark character, we need to move away from the pessimism toward more optimistic storytelling. Give us good over evil. Make us feel good about the world again. Let us marvel at the images on the screen. Avatar seems like a step in the right direction, albeit a bit preachy on the fact. Let dark stories be dark stores, don’t purposefully make the tone of everything as such.
  2. No more remakes!
    • Ok. Already looking at 2010’s schedule I can see a bevy of remakes. A few are welcome and I think deserve to be remade, especially with contemporary CGI. Clash of the Titans comes to mind as deserving of such treatment. Others are just retellings that people expect to see every generation. The Wolfman is a prime example of this, much like King Kong was for last decade. However, there are some that should never be considered. The most egregious of such is “Let Me In,” a remake of “Let the Right One In.” First off, it is was too soon to be remaking a film released less than 2 years ago. Secondly, the original is a great on it’s own. If you can’t improve on the original, then don’t do it. Which brings me to my third point…
  3. World Market for Films
    • The human race is gradually becoming less of a collection of different peoples and more one homogenous race. Most foreign films that find critical success eventually get imported to Hollywood and effectively dumbed down. I’m not trying to argue for a worldwide studio system. I’m arguing for a world where foreign films don’t get imported to Hollywood: more of a worldwide market for films not centralized on individual countries. I want everyone to be aware of the Oldboys when they’re released, or the Let the Right One Ins or even Infernal Affairs before Hollywood imports them and markets the remake separate. I doubt many even realize what they’re watching is a remake of a foreign film most of the time, and that is just a shame.
  4. Star Wars Sequels
    • This is more of a wish, but a worthy one I think. Ever since I saw the original trilogy when I was young, I hoped to see a continuation of the story established there. Not something in the lame novels, but canon by Lucas himself. Most people think anything he touches will turn to crap, and some even doubt he ever was a great filmmaker. I still believe. This is the guy who gave us Star Wars and Indiana Jones. Sure the prequels sucked, but I think they were always doomed. With the success of Avatar and 3D technology, I’m sure Lucas wants to try his hand at something similar. Even if they were bad, they would make tons of money, and Lucas really needs a chance of redemption. George, make the sequels and cement your legacy of a filmmaker for the better.
  5. Sparing use of 3D/Improvement of the technology
    • I hate wearing those glasses the entire film. They are dark, uncomfortable, and sometimes distracting. Some films use them to much applause (Avatar), but others just throw them in unnecessarily (Up). I don’t feel 3D really adds anything to the experience. It all seems gimmicky to me. Aside from diminished use, I hope to see some improvement. Avatar paved the way for improved use of it, but I think much could be done. I doubt sans glasses viewing is possible, but if not, then why not? Less is more when it comes to 3D.
  6. Batman 3 and continued franchise
    • Holy crap! It has been a year and a half and no news yet??? If Nolan is coming back, then he should make an announcement and stop pussyfooting around it. If not, then WB needs to have a capable director lined up to continue the franchise (or finish the series). Afterwards the series can continue in the established realistic Nolanverse, or, after a hiatus, a new Batman film can be made. Whichever way the studio goes, we need a steady output of quality Batman films, not a repeat of the Batman & Robin fiasco.
  7. Digital looks as good as film
    • Film is still king, but digital is quickly catching up. Digital cameras will enable more small (I don’t want to say indie) films to be made for relatively cheaper budgets. Digital projectors could give a wider audience for these small films because of the smaller distribution costs associated with digital. Hopefully the art of using film will never leave, but for small stories to get their play, we need digital too.
  8. A step away from CGI/Blue Screen
    • The 00’s were the decade that saw filmmakers become infatuated with CGI. At times it was used to create worlds and creatures never before possible on film (Lord of the Rings). Other times it was chosen in lieu of practical stunts and special effects, most often to horribly fake looking results (Fast and Furious). The Dark Knight should set the trend for CGI use. Would the truck flip have been as awesome if it were computer generated? I think not. CGI is a nice tool, but should only be a resort when practical effects are not possible.
  9. Kubrick’s Napoleon biopic gets made by none other than Paul Thomas Anderson.
  10. Something completely unexpected happens
    • If I could think of something, it wouldn’t be unexpected. I’m thinking: Matrix 4, The Prestige 2: Tesla’s Last Laugh, Sean Connery comes back for one more film, Alan Moore approves of one of his adaptations, Star Wars remake, etc. etc. I just want to be surprised (and pleased) by something in film this decade.
  11. Honorary 11th Pick—Death of the Indie
    • I don’t mean the independent movie, I mean the ubiquitous stereotypic indie romantic comedy/dramedy that tries to be Garden State or Little Miss Sunshine or God help us Juno. Also, while I’m at it, no more pretentious films that are made simply for the minority of filmgoers to like in an attempt to make themselves feel more intelligent than the populace. Films like “Magnolia” come to mind, but I know there are plenty others. Bonus points shouldn’t be awarded just because the film is foreign, indie, or made/written by a Jarmusch, Gondry, or Lynch. God Bless America!


6 Responses to My Picks for the 10’s

  1. David says:

    It would appear Sony just gave a big middle finger to your #1.

  2. Taos says:

    Aye. Although I’m excited at the chance for a better Peter Parker/Spiderman. Maguire sucked.

  3. David says:

    I really liked him in part 2. But that sort of typifies the franchise as a whole for me.

  4. Taos says:

    He was decent, but I don’t think he’d ever grow into the Spidey of the comics: smart-mouthed and not emo.

    Really, I think 2 is the only watchable one anymore.

  5. David says:

    And to actually comment on your list:

    4. I’m not a Star Wars guy, but I’d love to see Episodes VII – IX. To cop My Night at Maud’s (see it!) and Pascal’s Wager by extension, the potential upside is totally worth it.

    5. I was severely misled by Up’s 3-D implementation. Though maybe IMAX would’ve made a difference.

    6. DC/WB is still set to unveil their film agenda sometime this month. If we don’t hear anything about the next Batman by that time, then I may start to worry (on the other hand, wouldn’t be surprised if we don’t get an announcement until Inception drops).

    8. Without trying to generalize too much here, I will say I’ll remain a proponent of CGI in instances it protects actors and stunt crew. While I agree with you on TDK, a coordinator did die in a car crash while preparing a stunt. (I of course don’t know if that was preventable/at all foreseeable, perhaps it was a freak accident, but just saying. I’m sure you agree. More clarifying the boundaries of practical effects I suppose.)

    9. Rock on (despite having a tepid reaction to most/all biopics I’ve seen). Has PTA expressed interest or did you just cobble this together yourself?

    11. Yay. Though I don’t necessarily get that vibe from Magnolia (think I may rewatch it pre-Korea).

  6. Taos says:

    True that on protecting stunt crew.

    PTA hasn’t expressed interest. I just figured he gets compared to Kubrick and would be someone I think who could handle the project.

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