Top 50 Movies of the Decade – part 5

Aaaand… here… we… go!


Taos: Dysfunctional families are funny. Especially when seen through the eyes of quirky Wes Anderson. He’s an acquired taste, but I think those that give him a chance grow to love him.

David: I left this off my individual decade ballot. I fault the audience with whom I last watched it. But Elliott Smith + Luke Wilson, alone = genius. American cinema needs more artists as true as Anderson.


Taos: Maybe Bill Murray is playing himself here. I for one would watch a film of just Bill Murray’s everyday life. That is how awesome the Murray is.

David: It’s like waking up and suddenly being Bill Murray. In Japan. And without skipping a beat. This was more Bill Murray than Being John Malkovich was John Malkovich. ….even if that wasn’t the point of the latter film… stop judging me. 😦


Taos: Oh man, I’ve exhausted my thoughts on this too much to add anything. Vampires. Seven Deadly Sins. Morality tale. Vampires. Twice.

David: So glad to see this again on DVD before making this list.  Already having liked it a great deal, as with all Park Chan-wook, it gets better every time you see it.  For more, see my earlier, occasionally misguided thoughts here.


David: Singular.

Taos: I’m not sure what is worse: the emo soundtrack or the lame “twist” of an ending. Can you tell I hate it?


Taos: Batman + Nolan. What else is there to say about it? Everyone has seen it, you know why it is here.

David: Quite the roller coaster with this one. With such a, not even movie but cultural event, and all of the history it packs, the barrage of critiques ranging from fair-minded to nitpicking have been predictably unavoidable. But, if you’ll so indulge, stop to consider its plot diagram. Isolate it. The details, rather messy in places; however, the basic storytelling elements orchestrate some kind of beautiful machine. The show will forever belong to Heath, his last triumph, but Oldman, Zimmer & Howard, Wally Pfister, obviously Chris Nolan, and the countless others involved meet the ambitious scope of this genre epic.


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