The Dude & True Grit

Screw the original and screw John Wayne. Seriously, Is he even considered a good actor outside of cowboy/western circles?

Check out this article about the Coen’s remake of True Grit, which is based more on the original book and doesn’t involve John Wayne hogging the film at the plot’s expense. In this version, Bridges would be playing Wayne’s original role of Rooster Cogburn.


Hollywood, if you’re going to be doing remakes, this is the way to do them.

The dude has spoken.


4 Responses to The Dude & True Grit

  1. David says:

    W a i t a m i n u t e t h e r e p a r t n e r . . . .

    (Have not seen original; will barter souls for Coen-Bridges version)

    (p.p.s. – Thirst thoughts coming; promise. Kept mentally occupied by alumni paper stuff.)

  2. Taos says:

    Alumni Paper?

  3. David says:

    Aye. Bi-annual release to alumni members.

    They needed someone to handle the layout for the fall edition. Worked on it bit by bit over the last week.

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