Oh, wouldn’t it be great if I *was* crazy? Then the world would be okay. (film draft)


12 Monkeys (1995)

So I forgot it was my turn. That isn’t entirely true. I was holding out until I watched Jacob’s Ladder. In case I deemed it draft-worthy. It was decent, but I wouldn’t watch it again.

Although I haven’t seen his entire filmography, this is the only Gilliam picture I care for. The way it deals with time-travel is the one of the best, aside from perhaps Primer. Bruce Willis and Brad Pitt are great here, but is there a bad film with them?


3 Responses to Oh, wouldn’t it be great if I *was* crazy? Then the world would be okay. (film draft)

  1. David says:

    Was about to watch this on Instant Play the other day. Opted to do something else at the last minute. My next pick will come before day’s end.

    Didn’t make it to any movies in Dallas since I bummed a ride there. Had fun as it was, though. I’ll be going back before the end of August on my own, so I’ll be sure to make up for it then with Thirst + whatever else I can dig up.

  2. Taos says:

    Cool. I wish OKC got more limited releases.

    Not much more to look forward to this summer film-wise. Still looking forward to Inglorious Basterds, but what else is there? Funny People looks decent, not amazing, as does District 9. AICN’s Harry said GI was entertaining (but I don’t trust his opinion). Looks like a good Fall-December.

  3. David says:

    I’m very excited for Funny People. Usually I’m only so-so in anticipation of the Apatow brand. Schwartzman, Bana + runtime + a small shift from Judd’s usual fare may be the compounded reason. District 9, I hope, makes a nice diversion from typical genre crap.

    But yeah, fall/winter is where it’ll be.

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