First Picture from Inception (kinda)


It appears the film has dropped the idea of taking place inside the architecture of the mind. Instead it will be a 200 million dollar psychological thriller/comedy involving a gay romp through tokyo ala Lost in Translation. Bill Murray is in the running to play a depressed middle-age crisis priest searching for the man who killed his father/wife/mother. The film will use a non-linear narrative style in picture-in-picture style, enabling Nolan to simultaneously meld the stories of the two main characters plus Tesla. Christian Bale will make a cameo as a trans-gender man-woman-man pimp who runs a small company of homosexual Geishas. He’ll probably have a deep welsh accent.

Radiohead will opt out of playing the ending credit music. Instead they’ll write and perform a song incorporating the names of the entire cast and crew into the lyrics. The credits will be available on iTunes in 20 different versions each costing $0.99. This will be done for obvious reasons that aren’t entirely obvious.

A David Bowie song will play over those credits.

Michael Caine will voice a talking dog. His performance will be hailed as genius. Wally Pfister will weep.


One Response to First Picture from Inception (kinda)

  1. David says:

    *buys ticket*

    They’re bringing you on as a creative consultant, right?

    p.s. – I lol’d.

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