You Heard of a Place Called ‘Shell Beach’? (Film Draft)

I could stare at any frame in this film for moments on end, letting the visual intricacies wash over me until I drown in its gritty beauty.


A stronger lead could have rendered this an unanimous masterpiece.

A masterpiece to me it remains.


5 Responses to You Heard of a Place Called ‘Shell Beach’? (Film Draft)

  1. David says:

    Blind bought this a year ago. Sat down to watch it maybe half a year ago. Couldn’t get past the midway point; incredibly tired at the time. I’ll have to retry soon.

    You watch the director’s cut or theatrical? Or both?

  2. Taos says:

    I watched the director’s cut. It’s definitely not a movie for the sleepy-headed.

    I thought the 3rd act was a bit weak, but the atmosphere of the film really draws me in past it’s flaws.

    The director’s cut has a commentary by Ebert I hope to listen to someday. He has nothing but immense praise for this film.

  3. David says:

    Watched this two nights ago. Really dug it. Surprised at the rapid editing/scene jumps.

    I wish Proyas would return to this sort of grungier setting (also as with The Crow).

    Speaking of, I couldn’t help but notice how much of Sewell’s performance, or at least mannerisms mirrored Brandon Lee’s Eric Draven. Too bad Lee wasn’t still around when Proyas set out to make this.

    The theatrical cut disc I own apparently has the/an Ebert commentary, too. Thinking I may put it back on in a few days to check it out.

    Also, Blue Hawaiians: awesome.

  4. Taos says:


    I’ve, admittedly, never seen The Crow. That is something I shall remedy soon.

    Speaking of Proyas, I should be getting Knowing tomorrow. I’m excited about it. Ebert touts it highly, and I’ve been agreeing with him a lot concerning Sci-Fi films (except for Metropolis and Solaris).

    Going to watch Moon tomorrow as well. I shall post a review/reaction afterwards.

    Mmm, Blue Hawaiian—sounds refreshing in this heat wave.

  5. David says:

    I know I wouldn’t love The Crow like I do if I hadn’t first seen it countless times as a kid. Still definitely worth watching methinks. (Wonder if that reimagining holding closer to the original comics is still going forward?)

    After reading Ebert’s thoughts on Knowing, my expectations, still tempered by the shoddy trailers/ads, were not quite met. The concept is intriguing and there are enough good moments that I enjoyed it overall, however. Probably three years ago now, Nick IM’d me an article on a similar phenomena which I printed out and am still considering adapting. I actually put it on hold after this, and ironically enough, Next entered production a while back. If the link is still active, I’ll email it your way.

    Yay Moon! Hope the story is half as good as its visuals.

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