Film vs. Television [erratic post #1]

Usually when it comes to watching movies, I have no problem stopping midway through if it fails to enthrall me. The point of no return is usually 15-25 minutes.

Oh hello, sorry to have started without a proper introduction. Fellow blogger Taos here. Not the city nor the rock band (citation needed).

Brazil forced my hand today. Surely most people have some semblance (correct word?) of Terry Gilliam’s sci-fi comedy[?]. To sum it up, take part George Orwell’s 1984 and part Gilliam and you have Brazil—I won’t say Monty Python because Gilliam is decidedly more quirky than his Python counterparts; I blame it on his American sensibilities becoming skewed by British silliness (and of course heavy doses of psilocybin. Now if we can get back to a more punctuationally structured sentence, I’ll continue.

My viewing of Brazil lasted over an hour before I stopped. Right when the main character goes to the Ministry of (oh I forget now). I could not stand another minute of this film. The plot made some sense, but the characters seemed to pop in and out with no purpose. I was not sure what the film was actually about, and usually I am fairly good at this sort of thing. Now that I have forgot my original purpose in writing this post I suppose I shall conclude. 

Although my only real exposure to Gilliam beforehand included anything associated with Monty Python and his film 12 Monkeys (which I enjoyed), I do not understand his popularity. It seems he just makes sets too large, goes over-budget, tilts the cameras slightly among other cinematic effects, and produces films that only ever receive a cult following. 

Oh right, I remembered why I started this post now, but it hardly has anything to do with the above topic. It was a jolly good piece about how I think Television is truly the medium for storytelling of the past decade, and unless Hollywood does not churn out some original ideas that are actually good, film will slowly fade. Or something of that sort.


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