I miss my donkey. (Film Draft)

Just watched Zack and Miri.  Should probably rewatch Dogma before doing this, but…

Clerks II

Chasing Amy is generally Smith’s most highly regarded, but a back-to-back viewing of the original Clerks alongside its sequel kicked me in the emotional nutsack. And whether it really is or not, it feels like a bookend to the View Askewniverse.

Plus, it features my, I think, all-time favorite song.  And a donkey.


2 Responses to I miss my donkey. (Film Draft)

  1. Taos says:

    I was wondering when a Kevin Smith film would show up on the draft. I thought about Chasing Amy, and then Clerks, and then this, but couldn’t decide which one was more deserving. I’ll take Kevin Smith being funny over Kevin Smith with heart any day.

    How was Zack and Miri?

  2. David says:

    Pretty darn solid. And as he has stated, visually, it is his best-looking work to date.

    I just think the inclusion of Seth Rogen (not at all a bad thing most times) took away from it feeling like a Smith film; it instead feels like the Seth Rogen show.

    Jason Mewes, Justin Long, Brandon Routh, Craig Robinson all have great supporting parts.

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