They’re all the leads of their own stories. They have to be given their due. (film draft)


Synecdoche: New York

At this point, it looks like it’s going to be the best of this year, unless Valkyrie or The Wrestler really really impress me. Even then, no film this year will be as thought provoking as Synecdoche. I hesitate to review the film on one viewing. Too much to ponder. To paraphrase Roger Ebert somewhat, “see it once because I told you to, see it again because you have to, see it a third time because you want to. You know all the names involved and what they bring.” 

Sorry David. I’ll make it up to you, somehow…


7 Responses to They’re all the leads of their own stories. They have to be given their due. (film draft)

  1. David says:


    (can’t wait for the dvd)

    I forget; have you seen Zack and Miri?

  2. Taos says:

    Nope. Have to wait for the DVD. Haven’t seen Choke yet either, and I’d been waiting all year for that one. Looks like the best films of this year will be seen first on DVD.

  3. David says:

    Which suuuuucks.

    New SMod! Have you checked out a Threevening?

  4. Taos says:

    New SMod! I though they may have given up.

    And no, haven’t checked out Threevening. Have you?

  5. David says:

    It’s in my queue. Thinking I’ll get it the end of the week.

  6. Taos says:

    That reminds me. Are you heading down to Canyon over break? Be cool to hang out sometime. Should be back on Saturday, have stuff on Christmas Eve and Christmas and then leaving the 31st to catch a flight to D.C.

  7. David says:

    I should be around here until just after Christmas.

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