Let’s discuss: 2009 Golden Globe noms

List of nominees.

Keep in mind I’ve seen only a smattering of these films (roughly 35 ’08 flicks in my journal).

Surprised The Dark Knight didn’t squeeze in more categories.  I mean, everything I’ve heard about The Reader points to it being complete garbage.  I don’t expect Batman to win any Best Pic awards outside of individual critics’ lists and maybe a critics’ circle, but snubbing it in favor of The Reader suggests a total sleight.

I’m ecstatic over In Bruges‘ nominations.  Totally deserving yet it still comes as a complete surprise.   Really hoping it grabs a win or two.  The question is, if it comes to it, Gleeson or Farrell?

They are up against a very worthy James Franco, however.  Between  all three, think I’d lean Farrell.

I’d hand over Burn After Reading‘s spot to Forgetting Sarah Marshall.  The Coens’ piece, I feel, is simply rolling off No Country‘s back.  FSM has been largely overlooked.  As much heat as he received, Roeper was absolutely spot on.  Kristen Bell lurve isn’t swaying things here, either, in case that’s floating in the back of anyone’s mind.  A nomination for Jason Segel would’ve been very welcome.

By the very same token, Role Models, or Paul Rudd that is, could’ve used some love.  Wonder how Zack and Miri would stack up (have yet to see it myself).  Conventional comedies of the modern format are pretty much ignored it seems.

Tom Cruise = absurd.  Not him, but his nod.  He’s been almost consistently overlooked for a solid decade, and they decide to recognize this?

Again, I’m skeptical of all of this attention to The Reader.

I’m relieved to see Benjamin Button up there.  Last week or so has been unkind in terms of the various lists being issued and its noticeable absence in most of ’em.

Revolutionary Road should be tremendous.

Disappointed Valkyrie hasn’t made its way on any lists (to my knowledge).  The audience reaction has been uniformly stellar.  Then again, if it’s strictly a crowd pleaser, I suppose that’s just as well.

I wish Vicky Christina Barcelona was on dvd.  I’ve been entertained to impressed with Allen’s stuff since Match Point.  I liked the looks of this one’s trailer.

That’s it for now.  Getting sleepy.

Be sure to shoot back your own thoughts in the comments section.


One Response to Let’s discuss: 2009 Golden Globe noms

  1. Taos says:

    Silly Golden Globes.

    Nice to see In Bruges getting some recognition. Other than that I say who cares about awards. If I like it, then that’s enough for me. I guess it is always nice to see a deserving film actually win, but way too much stock is put in these award shows.

    Oh ya, what was up with Tom Cruise’s nod? That was a very odd choice.

    Golden Globes=silly foreign people with more money than tastes.

    Interesting to see what gets nominated for the Academy. At least some Americans are picking those.

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