Questions For Nolan

So, I’m one of the lucky 100,000 who will be watching The Dark Knight on December 18 with Christopher Nolan as part of the Blu-Ray Live event i’m sure most have heard about.

I can ask questions during the event; however, they allow me to ask three ahead of time. I’m sure these three have more priority than anything I could ask later on. What I’m looking for (David) is some serious question ideas for good ol’ Nolan. I won’t ask anything about Batman 3, but most anything else is game. So come on. Get your minds a thinkin’. 



13 Responses to Questions For Nolan

  1. Ask him what he thinks of Batman dying in the current comic book series, killed by his own father? He will probably say it is a bad idea.

  2. David says:

    Holy shit, that’s awesome!

    I’ll think about it some and get back to you.

    (When is he going to make The Prestige 2: Copperfield?)

  3. David says:

    Probably not entirely appropriate and I doubt it’d be revealed/discussed, but I’m curious. Any other actors he considered for The Joker? For Harvey?

    & quite O-T, but: What’s his outlook on the Superman franchise? What would he do?

    Does he have any plans to collaborate with any of The Dark Knight actors in something outside of the series in the (near) future?

    I’ll be posting questions as they come to me…

  4. Taos says:

    I thought Harvey was dead, according to the script. I’m torn between wanting him back and letting him be. On the one hand, he’s an awesome villain, 2nd to the Joker probably. On the other hand, It would be nice to have no idea whatsoever who the villain will be in the 3rd. Maybe something to take us by surprise.

    Good questions. Especially the last one.

  5. David says:

    Oh, but I mean, before he decided to cast Ledger and Eckhart in the roles, which other actors were in contention for the parts? (in case there was any confusion)

  6. Taos says:

    oh, understood now.

    …of course. Could Harvey still be alive? If he is dead, then doesn’t that mean that Batman broke his one rule? The fanboy in me really wants him to still be alive for part 3.

  7. David says:

    I don’t know. It’s kind of murky. I don’t believe so as the intention of his act was to save an innocent. And it wasn’t a vengeance killing or anything guided by Batman’s ambitions towards Harvey. He wanted to save Harvey from his dark path; he didn’t want his death. It was a desperate move on Bruce’s part. Two-Face was in control of the situation. His rules of chance dictated the outcome.

    Going into the film for the first time, I of course hoped/expected Two-Face to be set up for the third film. His death did come as quite a shock. But I feel his arc was nicely conceived and executed–just tremendously satisfying. There was a real sense of full thematic closure. Also, it serves as an excellent springboard for the main thrust of (fingers crossed) part 3.

  8. Taos says:

    I think if it weren’t for the tragic death of Heath Ledger, there wouldn’t be as much of an outcry for Harvey/Two-Face not being dead. We had a film with not only two of Batman’s greatest villains but also two of the best performances in an superhero film. We know we can’t have the Joker back—at least, not Heath Ledger’s Joker, and I wouldn’t want another actor filling his shoes. And if Harvey does end up being dead we lose the other great performance. Really, how do you top the villains in this Batman, let alone the actors? Two top-tier villains unusable in the next film. If Nolan can pull off a 3rd one, and I believe he wouldn’t attempt it if he couldn’t, then it could very well be his masterpiece.

    But first, he needs to do a non-Batman project. And that’s an order.

  9. David says:

    new Q: Can he score me a date with Scarlett Johansson? Or, well, I guess she married Deadpool. Or really, if I could just hug her.

    I was sure The Prestige was an awesome movie when, upon reflection, I didn’t remember her… presence until far down the line.

  10. David says:

    What’s his history with Batman: TAS? Is he a fan? Has it had any influence on what he’s done?

    How does he feel about WB restructuring their approach to DC films around what he has done with the Batman franchise and in TDK in particular?

  11. Taos says:

    So, I think I waited too long or something, but it’s only letting me ask one question because I can’t get back to the original three question page I saw when I was first invited. Anyhow, I guess I have to narrow it down to one question. I like:

    How does he (Nolan) feel about the WB restructuring….

    History with Batman: TAS…

    What non-Batman project is next? or What happened to The Exec or The Prisoner? Is he still on those projects or has he moved on?

    Anyhow, which one should I ask? I’ll try to find that 3 question page, but it isn’t looking too bright.

    Which one

  12. David says:

    Probably first or third. The third question, if answered, would give us more to discuss/be excited about.

  13. Taos says:

    I’m leaning toward the 3rd. Most people will probably ask Batman-centric questions, and I’m more excited for non-Batman stuff.

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