Where’s The Road?

As I took a short break from studying, I ran across this.


I too have wondered, “Where Is The Road?” Apparently so does Viggo.

The interesting thing Is Viggo says he hopes it’s released at the right time. Then, I noticed all these folks saying how they hope they wait until the end of next year to release it so it’ll have award buzz. Now, i’m thinking to my self, “when did we start enjoying movies because they’re up for awards?” It’s great if a movie I really enjoy gets an award, but that doesn’t add to my enjoyment of the film. I for one hope this film comes out as soon as possible next year. Preferably before March. It’ll probably ruin any chances for serious contention in the oscars next year around, but who cares? Fincher’s Zodiac was one of the best of that 2007, but just because It didn’t get alot of buzz didn’t make me question my admiration for it. Why do people put so much emotional support into something they have nothing to do with? Oi, silly folks. 

BTW: In Bruges came out early early this year and was one of the best so far. Check it out and disregard the strange packaging, which is no reflection at all on the actual film. It’s good and still in my top 10 for the year (top 5 probably).



One Response to Where’s The Road?

  1. Taos says:

    More importantly, where’s David?

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