Sin City 2 for Next Year?

IGN or some guy talked to Frank Miller about Sin City 2.


I guess the question on everyone’s mind is: do people still care about Sin City?

It was cool when it came out almost 4 years ago, but the hype for a new one has died down considerably since then. Isn’t this visual style ‘old hat’ by now? Isn’t Frank Miller old hat? I’m probably in the minority when I say I find Miller’s work uninteresting, overly stylized, and downright boring. His work on Batman was great, I’ll give him that, but nothing compared to what Tim Sale and Jeph Loeb did. Really, I speak for no one when I say Frank Miller should just stop with films already, let alone comics. 

He’s already ruined our chances of getting a realistic swords and sandals version of the battle of Thermopylae. Instead we had to sit through that slow motion, 9-foot tall persian, strange orgy, hunchback soldier, oracle nipple filed version of one of the greatest military battles in history. The Spirit!?!? Again, i’m probably the only one not excited at all for this film. Come on Hollywood. Let’s get back to real movies. If I wanted to see a panel-for-panel version of a graphic novel, then I’d go read the darned thing, not pay $8.

How about an adaptation of Sin City into an actual movie? The noir style works great, but the visual style is old and overused. Oh well. How ’bout that Dark Knight coming out next week on my birthday? Now that’s a comic book flick. I remember back in the day when we had a gay Batman, I tell you what…..


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