8 Reasons Why ’08 Won’t Suck

I think we’ve discussed before how this year has been really crappy for film compared to years past. I thought I’d take time to present the optimistic side of why I think this year is great so far, and still has a chance at being something wonderful. So, without further adeu…

8. Comic Book Movies Don’t Suck As Much: Iron Man, The Dark Knight, Incredible Hulk: There is no denying after the lackluster 3rd installments of X-Men and Spiderman, that this year for Marvel was alot better since they took over control of their films. Maybe the Incredible Hulk isn’t as good, but still much better than the mediocre Hulk. What more is there to say about The Dark Knight? Why so serious?

7. In Bruges: If you can get past the odd marketing scheme, which hardly reflects the actual movie, this one is an early 2008 gem that most only saw on DVD. Go watch it now if you haven’t already.

6. Wall-E: Cute. Funny. Heartwarming. If you didn’t like this, then you have no soul.

5. Australia: Hugh Jackman in a Baz Luhrman film speaking in his normal accent. What’s not to like?

4. Gran Torino: Clint Eastwood, back to form, making me scared of a senior citizen (again). Unless you’re the rare type who hates Clint Eastwood (no soul), then this is a must see.

3. Revolutionary Road: Leonardo di Caprio is one of this decade’s best actors. Team him back up with Kate Winslet in an adaptation of a some famous novelist named Richard Yate’s novel. 

2. A Christmas Tale: Mathieu Amalric, last seen in Quantum of Solace (as the bad guy), stars somewhere in this dysfunctional family drama. Haven’t seen much from the foreign circuit this year, but this looks to be one of the better outings.

1. The Wrestler: After seeing the trailer, this immediately jumped to my most anticipated of the year. Looks like an Oscar for Rourke, and holy crap the screenwriter is the same guy who wrote The Onion Movie! Love the Bruce Springsteen track in the trailer btw. Most likely Aronofsky’s best. 

0. Valkyrie: I somehow forgot this when I started, and didn’t want to lose my ‘8’ format. Bryan Singer + Tom Cruise = greatness. Love him or hate him, Tom Cruise is one of the best at what he does. And Bryan Singer hasn’t had a bad film. Superman Returns you say? You have no soul. Quit repeating what the critics say.


6 Responses to 8 Reasons Why ’08 Won’t Suck

  1. David says:

    8: Iron Man is mid-tier Marvel and The Incredible Hulk was a piece of shit. I almost-or-maybe-just-plain love Lee’s Hulk. This reminds me have you seen Hellboy 2 (or part 1 for that matter)?

    6: I really need to watch Wall-E again, probably during Christmas break. It left me somewhat underwhelmed on my first viewing.

    5: http://www.aarondarc.com/poppsychology/content/view/392/30/ – But w/e. Jackman is awesome and I love the modern day Casablanca angle. Plus, the use of Morricone’s “Ecstacy of Gold” in the original trailer suckered me completely.

    4: That teaser wasn’t what I expected, but Ebert’s saying Eastwood may be up for best actor(!)

    2: Looks good. I only wish The Good, the Bad, and the Weird would make it here wide this year.

    1: The Onion Movie? Eww.. And, dammit, Taos! I will slap you! (re: Aronofsky’s best)

  2. Taos says:

    8. Iron Man>Spider Man 3, X-Men 3, Daredevil, Fantastic 4 (1 &2), The Punisher, Elektra, Ghost Rider. You liking Lee’s Hulk=strange, but I respect your odd tastes.

    9. Synecdoche: New York. I can’t do this justice with words after seeing it tonight. It is the most original thing i’ve seen in quite some time. Charlie Kaufman is simply amazing as both writer and director. It just has to be seen to understand. I need to watch it again. What an amazing piece of film. I’m so glad I saw it in theaters. You must watch this film on the big screen.

  3. David says:

    8. How I see it,

    Spider-Man 2

    Iron Man

    Blade II

    Fantastic Four
    X-Men: The Last Stand
    Spider-Man 3
    Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer
    The Incredible Hulk

    The Punisher (’89)
    The Punisher (’04)
    Blade: Trinity
    Ghost Rider
    & ’cause I’m a fortune-teller, Punisher: War-Zone (lol)

    Each group has its own many fine nuances. Important: think of the ‘good’ and ‘okay’ groups like Neptune and Pluto. Also, I consider those under ‘great’ to be way above the runner-ups. I consider Iron Man solidly entertaining but not much more. Slightly above average rather than mid-tier, I suppose. Marvel is a dirty whore. You should give Hulk a re-watch if you’re ever feeling simultaneously bored and adventurous. And what of the Hellboy flicks?

    9. Let the record show, https://somethingoffensive.wordpress.com/2008/09/19/do-you-think-well-ever-get-an-audience-in-here-its-been-17-years/#comments Muwahahaha!

  4. Taos says:

    Sorry, got caught up with Synecdoche.

    I have not seen either Hellboy flicks. I heard good things about the 2nd one even though the trailer didn’t look too promising.

    I accept your ranking system. Though I guess a rewatch of Hulk is necessary to understand you. But I wouldn’t put Blade II above Blade III, maybe in the same tier, of course re-watches may be needed again there. Agreed on Punisher: War-Zone unfortunately. It’s a shame they can’t do a proper Punisher film. If I can look a couple years in the future, I would put that new X-Men flick in the awful tier as well.

  5. David says:

    Oh, Young X-Men or w/e? Yeah…

    I hope Wolverine isn’t as bad as X-Men 3, maybe even end up being good. That first script that went around though was terribly bland…

  6. Taos says:

    I’m excited to see Gambit on-screen even if the movie sucks.

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