Shit just got retarded.

Remember that really awful news about the Oldboy remake from two weeks ago?

Well, the really, really, awful, even worse news dropped today.

Mark Protosevich, the silly motherfucker who wrote I Am Legend and the Poseidon remake, is in talks to script this cinematic travesty.  Fo’ realz.

brilliant image by Freebirth of RT

brilliant image by Freebirth of RT

On a similar note, The Host remake is coming together.  Also very frustrating, but it’s always interesting to see someone get their first shot at a feature-length with some large-scale material.  (P.S. – Considering Smart People was a failure, don’t expect too much here.)


3 Responses to Shit just got retarded.

  1. Taos says:

    Perhaps the remake will lead to people discovering the original for the first time. That’s about the only good news I can squeeze out of the whole situation.

    In defending I Am Legend: that movie would have been better if they stuck to the original ending where the monster things where intelligent and Will Smith was their legend b/c he was killing them. I don’t know, i’m in a optimistic mood today i guess.

  2. andrew says:

    whats with all the crappy movies lately.

  3. David says:

    I don’t know, but Taos keeps draftin’ em.


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