Star Trek Trailer

Star Trek

There it is, the trailer to what will most likely be another below average entry in the Star Trek movie series. Much like Star Trek: Nemesis, i’m sure this will be an action-packed sci-fi flick that doesn’t work well as a Star Trek movie. 

The worst part about this is that this will most likely fail miserably, thwarting any chances of further Trek film adventures and/or television series. In the end, I think Star Trek belongs on the small screen. Wrath of Kahn was great, but other than that there isn’t much to rant and rave about. An updated television series would have been a much more welcome addition to the mythos. The key problem with this film and the last series (Enterprise) was they didn’t feel like a Star Trek production. How about a Next Next Generation? Everyone thought The Next Generation would suck, but boy were they wrong. How about another main series? Please. I think the time is right. Next Generation ended over a decade ago. Just don’t let Berman have his hand in the thing.


One Response to Star Trek Trailer

  1. danggoodmovies says:

    Hahaha, you know what I thought when I saw this trailer at the new Bond movie? “Finally, a Johnny Quest movie!”
    But no, that was Captain Kirk. Lame.

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