Morricone to Score Tarantino’s Basterds




4 Responses to Morricone to Score Tarantino’s Basterds

  1. danggoodmovies says:

    AGH! AGGGH!!!
    Are you serious?! ANOTHER director/songwriter super-combo! It seems Ennio gravitates to this same kind of director… I mean, you could totally argue that Tarantino is Sergio Leone II. Well, that would really be Robert Rodriguez, with his Mariachi Trilogy, but Kill Bill = The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly? Pulp Fiction = Duck, You Sucker?

    Anyway, needless to say, I am excited. One of my favorite movie scorers, working with one of my favorite directors… this couldn’t go wrong…

  2. David says:

    I don’t know why I don’t get excited for Tarantino movies. Anyway,


  3. Taos says:

    This is the first one i’ve been excited for. Unless you count the time I first rented Kill Bill and finished volume one and couldn’t wait to pop in Volume two.

    P.s. Death Car was nothing spectacular.

  4. David says:

    I think I’d have been interested if Stallone and DiCaprio were one or both involved. But after those hopes were dashed, I don’t know…

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