Tell me I have led a good life (film draft)


Saving Private Ryan

I’ve been on a recent Tom Hanks kick. In my opinion, he isn’t the best actor, but the guy sure is likeable, and that has to count for something.

I haven’t seen this film since it came out, but for a war movie, it has stuck with me more than any other. The Omaha Beach scene really frightened me; it is so graphic and real. I never want to go to war, but I respect and thank those that do volunteer to put themselves in such peril to support our country and its ideals. Thank you veterans.

Steven, you are the man.


One Response to Tell me I have led a good life (film draft)

  1. David says:

    You’ve led a terrible life and have brought nothing but shame to this blog!

    But seriously, I clicked the link. Took me to a restricted youtube page prompting me to log in. I assume it’s a clip of Sniffing Ryan’s Privates.

    (Saving Private Ryan. to avoid confusion, made me lose it when I finally watched it start to finish uninterrupted this past spring.)

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