“Does she make a good lamb stew?” (Film Draft)

Feeling like a Western.

The Proposition

You know what?  I’m lazy.  Here’s my old flixster capsule review:

In an all-but-dead genre, it’s always a great treat to see a film like The Proposition come along. The movie is a beautifully barren piece of poetry. Its somewhat unconventional narrative is constructed with poetic dialogue, music, images, and a naturalistic pace. Benoît Delhomme’s cinematography burns its way into your core. The cast members, lead by Guy Pearce and Ray Winstone, each give wonderfully authentic portrayals in this character-driven piece. John Hillcoat admirably balances drama and abrasive violence. Also worthy of recognition are the incredible practical effects on display. Equally deserving, the costumes and set designs are outstanding in capturing the genuineness of it all.

I’ll throw in how thankful I am I caught this in theaters. One of my all-time favorite theatergoing experiences. And, man, Nick Cave…  awesome script and musical composition.


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