Coffee’s for closers only. (film draft)

Just watched Redbelt and thought of this.


Glengarry Glen Ross

This is porn for lovers of dialogue. Unless a lack of visual stimulation turns you off or you hate stage plays, I highly recommend this to everyone. 



3 Responses to Coffee’s for closers only. (film draft)

  1. David says:

    I think I was expecting you to take this a bit earlier. I considered grabbing it, but to quote an old pal of ours, that wouldn’t have been “very kosher.”

  2. David says:

    p.s. – I’m eating a nasty-ass breakfast from the grill. Crunchy scrambled eggs, cold hashbrowns, soft/greasy toast… but the bacon is good!

  3. Taos says:

    For some reason I just completely forgot about the film ’til I watched Redbelt. On hearing news of more “Road to Perdition” movies, I watched Road to Perdition last night (been sitting on my shelf for 4+ years). Pretty good, I’d recommend to anyone, even Tom Hanks haters. Newman is quite a presence on screen; I need to watch more of his stuff. Daniel Craig does a good job in one of his earlier pre-bond roles. Overall it was nice watching a film under 2 hours that could’ve stretched longer involving old-timey crime. I look forward to the completion of the trilogy. I’ve been mulling ideas of a ’30s crime movie for awhile, but haven’t got enough inspiration yet.

    Anyhow, I’m hungry for bacon now.

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