Forum Spy: Rotten Tomatoes

I’m probably violating a number of international laws in doing this, but hey, how else am I gonna score some undercover senoritas?

Anyhow, just some off-topic goodness for y’all.

From a thread titled The Most Embarrassing Thing You Have Been Caught Doing…:

“I’ve been embarrassed plenty of times.

When I was a Senior in high school I was dating a girl from the local small Lutheran teaching college. She lived in a house with 5 other girls and a few of my friends and I were playing drinking games in the kitchen when I got a bad cramp that meant I had to take a dump. I still hate taking a crap in someone elses toilet, but in H.S. I never did, except that night. Long story short, I took a crap the size of a small dog and plugged the toilet. So I’m drunk and in a rented house full of girls with no plunger and a turd that’s sticking 6 inches out of the water, standing straight up.

I’d had this “big turd” problem since I was 10, so I knew the only way to fix the situation was to remove the turd from the bowl. I had a technique that I used at home using a trash bag like a glove and just inverting it so that it was a clean procedure. So I’m in the bathroom now with a turd in a trash can liner, and I have to walk through the 10 people in the kitchen to get out of the house.

I stuck it in my jean jacket and was making my way through the kitchen when one of the roomates stops me and wants to know what I’m hiding in my jacket. Turns out someone stole a Walkman from one of them earlier in the year and these girls where being very protective of their stuff.

I had 2 options, run out of the house-get dumped by Lisa-be thought of as a theif, or show them the turd.

I showed them the turd.

She dumped me anyway.”
Haha. I love it!  (from page 6)


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