Mr. Laurio, never trust a beautiful woman. Especially one who’s interested in you. (Film Draft)

X2: X-Men United

After taking Superman Returns, I considered this off my list (Bryan Singer, comic book movie).  I also wanted to veer away from relatively recent films.  But then, I woke up today.  I splashed cold water on my face.  I reached for the towel, when, in the mirror, I noticed something.  My hair was identical to Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine.  Eerily so.  If it’s not clear, God wanted me to draft X2: X-Men United.  (Or start chomping on cigars; I’m not yet sure.)

This is one of those I could watch every day without growing tired of it.  In fact, when skipping school during my junior and senior years of high school, this was my go-to movie each time.

I skipped class a lot.


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