No Howard for Iron Man

Cheadle=War Machine; Howard=Ponce

I dislike different actors for same roles for continuality’s sake, but I never cared much for Howard and his gay mustache (see below).


I say let Cheadle take on War Machine. He’s a better actor, pimp, and all around good guy than Howard (facts unverified by SomethingOffensive). 


2 Responses to No Howard for Iron Man

  1. David says:

    I foresee ‘Gay Mustache’ picking up a minimum of 5000 hits.

    p.s. – Marvel is a gay mustache for not securing their crew. I know Howard wasn’t vital to Iron Man‘s success, and I do like Cheadle a whole helluva lot, but c’mon!

  2. Taos says:

    We’re called “Something Offensive” for a reason.

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