Heroes Reaction Part 3

More of the same. The awesome concept that hooked me in the beginning has waned. Too much time travel. Too much “save the world.” Too much convulted plotlines and cheap sci-fi clichés. I used to be able to ignore the weaknesses when a cool visual or shocking revelation presented itself. Now, half the show takes place in the future, a future that probably isn’t even the future in subsequent episodes. The time spent on such things is ludicrous. 

Only cool part was return of Adam Monroe.

p.s. Turtles suck!


3 Responses to Heroes Reaction Part 3

  1. David says:

    I tivo’d it Monday. Watched it last night. Forgot almost every detail of it by this afternoon.

  2. David says:

    Was going to make a new post; so not worth it.

    Did you bother with the season premiere?

    Peter was very interesting. I think even you would’ve liked what they did with Parkman. But the rest was the same old BS.

    Such a relief to finally be done with this show forever.

    • Taos says:

      I figured.

      Got rid of cable about three weeks ago. Just watching movies/television from netflix and Instant stuff on my Roku. No complaints so far. Miss watching House, but i’ll catch it and other shows on dvd when they release. I think I like watch television seasons better that way anyhow.

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