There is no escape, don’t make me destroy you (film draft)

In the land of balls-to-the-wall sequels being better than originals, this action packed wet dream of a sci-fi, princess leia fantasizing, star destroying orgy of fun pwns on all fronts. 

The Empire Strikes Back

Like a wookie hopped up on crystal meth, this film makes the kessel run in under 11 parsecs. Screw the prequels, screw the new animated film; this is the star wars your father loved like the son/daughter he never had. My personal recommendation for watching the star wars series: watch star wars, the empire strikes back, and return of the jedi; fast forward phantom menace until the darth maul scene and watch (twice), if you own attack of the clones, find a friend to kick you in the balls then piss on the disc, finally, watch revenge of the sith on one screen while watching empire strikes back again on another screen as you hold your wookie underneath the blanket. It’s like reading Julio Cortazar’s “Hopscotch” without the literacy requirement.

btw: Lando Is a Pimp


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