Heroes Reaction

What a turn around from the sub-par Season 2. Hiro traveling into the future to see the world being destroyed is growing repetitive. Actually, the whole time traveling plot device is relied on too heavily. I like the potential for Claire’s character to have some growth. The overall darker tone of the premier really sets what I hope is the tone for the entire season. Parkman is still annoying and unnecessary to me. Peter isn’t as interesting as he was in the first season. Sylar is still a great, complex villain; he seems less bad this season, and next week’s preview hints at where they might (and I hope) they’re going with the character. Hiro is Hiro. Wish we could see him as he saw himself in season 1 and momentarily tonight. About time they hinted at Ando being more than normal. I thought he’d eventually get powers, and i’m glad that all but confirmed. Speaking of, Mohinder’s gaining of powers was a welcome turn in the plot as well. If only Issac Mendez could come back (the African dude seems to be a psuedo-replacement for him). 

Not a bad opening to what I hope will be a great season after last year’s dismal one. Hopes for this season include Claire gaining powers. More and more Sylar. Growth in Hiro’s character. Phasing out of Parkman (alternatively, make him cool). And of course, more characters with new and interesting powers. 

P.S. Kristen Bell is great. I’ve never watched anything with her in it, but I hope we see more of her throughout the season.


6 Responses to Heroes Reaction

  1. David says:

    I tivo’d this bitch for tomorrow night, but I noticed your P.S., and I must say…

    Yooou siiiiiiiiiiilllllllllly bastard. I’ve told you how many times to watch Veronica Mars?

    I ❤ Kristen Bell more than life itself.

    I’m eager to see what further fail your analysis contains.


    But seriously.

  2. Taos says:

    I’ll watch Veronica Mars someday. Promise. Perhaps over the Winter break.

  3. David says:

    Have watched.

    I agree with…
    -Tiredness of all the time-traveling business.

    -Peter not living up to season 1 coolness. I do like his current dilemma somewhat (wandering about w/ these villains…though the switch is lame-ish, the actor whose body he is inhabiting rules).

    -Obviously, KBell comments. I’m ecstatic she’s been given room as the material she had last season left her sleepwalking.

    -Definitely an improvement over last season, but man oh man, did they ever squander the great platform that season 1 provided…

    I disagree with…
    -Not so much a point you make, but just, I don’t like Claire. Never have, suspect I never will.

    -I’m not in love with the Parkman character. However, he’s the everyman. His character will never be that extraordinary, but he’s the perfect guy to get thrown in just about any situation. For that, I dig him.

    -Sylar: “still a great, complex villain.” I always thought just the opposite. I mean, I never hated him, but he never much grabbed my attention. Thought every aspect of him was way too obvious. That said, I haven’t room to speak given the shite original villains I’ve tried penning. Plus, I have this impossibly high plateau in mind no villain, past-present-or-future, could ever meet. ALL of that said, I now like him. That last brief little exchange he had w/ Claire nudged me into suddenly being interested in him. H’ray!

    -Ando? Nooooooooooooo! Seeing him with powers made me facepalm.

    -I hated Isaac. And while I generally don’t like recycling of powers, I’m quite okay with Mr. African Continent. It stands to reason that a number of people would possess a particular ability–like a class of mutants. Also, having a handful of prophets spring up could fit in quite nicely with Nathan’s new-found direction (which, btw, I’m fond of this his sub-plot’s potential, though the execution lacked in the premiere)

    Somewhere in the middle…
    -What do you mean about Hiro exactly? I hope you’re not talking about “edgy” Hiro.

    -Mohinder: I don’t like the idea of him gaining powers, but the way he went about gaining ’em made me alright with it.

    My own thoughts…
    -Mainly, FUCK MYA. Drop that bitch, ASAP. Her and her doofus twin symbolized much of what was wrong with Season 2. I nearly cried when her face sprang up.
    -Does anyone actually die on this show? I get it’s rooted in comic books, but just b/c they do it in that medium, doesn’t make it acceptable (in tv, film, comic books–anything).

  4. Taos says:

    I just want to see Hiro grow as a character more. He’s pretty much the same clumsy character looking for a quest.

    I like Ando with powers. It gives him an opportunity to distance himself from Hiro somewhat. I’m just glad they’re doing something a bit more with him. I’ve thought for awhile they’d kill him off eventually, but who knows.

    I think Sylar’s character will eventually become less of a villian. Perhaps an antihero of sorts when more powerful villains start showing up he can’t take.

    Linderman’s status was interesting. (i missed a couple of last season’s episodes, so I may have missed something)

    Mya. Needs to go or do something.

    Still and always will dislike Parkman no matter what role he plays on the show.

    I wish there was more of a central threat to everyone, so they could all properly team up to fight it. Heroes vs. Cloverfield!

  5. David says:

    Yeah, Linderman stuff is weird. Better have a good payoff.

    “Heroes vs. Cloverfield!”

    Haha. Yes!

  6. Adeoye Oluwafemi says:

    herose the film i like best

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