This is what I do when I lay awake at night…

I was thinking while I tried to fall asleep tonight, “who’s gonna take the reins of Batman when Nolan leaves?”

Most people would say Nolan for number 3 isn’t even a sure deal yet. Well, that’s true, but it has made too much money, and Dark Knight’s ending was so ambiguous that he pretty much has to come back. 

So where does that leave us after the trilogy is done? Even if 3 sucks, it’ll still make money (Spidey 3 anyone?), so we know WB will want to continue on with this Batman thing until they screw it up again. It is almost certain that Nolan and Bale will at least call it quits after 3; which is fine and expected. Now I can’t recommend a new Batman (and maybe Bale will stick with it), but I do have a director in mind.

Alfonso Cuaron

He took the Harry Potter series, while staying true to the franchise, and improved it in every way. To this day, the third Potter is my fav. Sure the book was darker, but he took the source material and cleverly tweaked it to great success. If that isn’t convincing enough, he wrote(adapted) and directed a little thing called Children of Men. That movie really brought you into the universe it created. He could create that same suspension of disbelief feeling of being in Gotham City, and not Chicago this time. He’s definitely talented enough for the job. Plus, he doesn’t have the real big name status some other directors have. Sure, it would be different from Nolan, but I think he’d stay close enough for continuity while making it his own. 

Maybe I’m rambling. Maybe i’m really really tired, but don’t know it yet. Maybe I’m curious as to where David has been hiding. 


One more crazy, sleep deprived, Batman related thought. 

What if they remade the ’60s Batman (or a Batman movie in ’60s style) with Wes Anderson directing? It could be the greatest thing since Gay Batman (listen to SModcast). 

I really need some sleep now.


One Response to This is what I do when I lay awake at night…

  1. David says:

    No, no, no, no, no, no.

    If you pair up Cuarón with a comic book property, it’s gotta be something fantastical. And unless they want to make a huge shift to a Diniverse type Batman, then that’s not in the cards.

    The answer?

    SUPERMAN. He’s been my top choice to take over should Singer be left out in the cold.

    If you haven’t seen it, check out

    The one thing that’s even less likely than a Cuarón-helmed Superman. And while it’s not quite what I’d be hoping for in a new Superman, it’s really a brilliant match. The novel kicks ass, too.

    But I’ll get into ALL of that once I eventually sit down and type up my MEGA Superman post. One day…

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