Marvel Noir

Marvel comics announced plans for a new series set in an alternate Marvel universe.

Marvel Noir

Premiering in December with X-Man: Noir and Spider-Man: Noir with plans to continue with Daredevil: Noir and Wolverine: Noir.

An interview with the creators/conceptualists? can be read here on ign.

I really enjoy the noir style of film, but anything Noir is good for me. Though I haven’t read it, they have a similar line of Batman Noir titled and maybe other DC properties I just haven’t researched. Anyhow, this pic of spidey looks super-cool.


One Response to Marvel Noir

  1. melfamy says:

    I love the style of art depicted in your samples. I love the noir style of fiction, and have written several stories in what I think retains the key elements of the genre. Couldn’t draw a living line, though, not even if I had a .38 Policeman’s special, loaded with dum-dums, stuck in my earlobe like I was getting an African piercing, the hard way.

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