In a blog like this, no one can hear you scream – Film Draft Soldiers On


James Cameron’s sci-fi masterpiece (forget about the fictional Aquaman). I remember watching this when I was about 12 years old; far too young to be watching an ‘R’ rated movie like this. Throughout 6th grade me and my best friend were obsessed with this film, giving each other the space-marine character monikers of Hudson and Hicks respectively. As much as I loved this film growing up, watching the special edition for the first time last year brought a new appreciation to the film. This is one of those franchises, for me, that I enjoy to the point of forgiving many of its numerous faults. Alien: one of the scariest films ever. Aliens: not only scary but also packed to the brim with action. Alien 3: A flawed film that suffered from too many revisions; not director David Fincher’s fault. Alien Resurrection: forced and unnecessary, but somewhat entertaining. Alien v. Predator: a great concept not executed properly (shoulda drawn from the graphic novels). Alien v. Predator Requiem: Better in action and story, but still a let down; the last film set them up to do the Labyrinth story-line from the graphic novel, yet they went another direction—obviously.

Aliens, on the other hand, is an amazing sci-fi/war movie that keeps a good pace throughout with ample dosage of tense atmosphere. Throw in a tough female lead and a cast of memorable characters (maybe the most memorable ensemble of characters on screen ever). Surprisingly, the film was nominated for 7 Academy Awards, winning 2. An all-around good dark sci-fi; a relief for those tired of high science fiction or space operas. Must see. 10/10.


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