Well that was disappointing

Aleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeex!  We love you!  Get well soon!

Okay, I’m over-exaggerating.  Though I’m a huge Smith supporter, and I hope to see him have a ton of success, even if it’s with another team.

As for the here and now, O’Sullivan, while making some mistakes, his only real error was the interception.  His eyes were big, and he forced the matter when he should’ve used his feet to pick up the wide open 3 yards for the first.  Aside from that, he showed terrific poise and leadership.  Gore is a beast.  I thought Martz could’ve opened things up a bit more, but he was rarely given time.

Given the turnovers (all correctible mistakes) along with field position and time of possession both enormously in Arizona’s favor, the Cardinals should’ve won in a blowout.  Instead, they snagged it by a mere 10.

Arizona simply won out in a game of keepaway.  It might’ve been a bit cowardly, but it was smart game management on their part.

Nolan needs to show he can make the adjustments and not leave the D hanging high and dry.   The defense made some mistakes (Lawson’s lack of concentration worried me), but they’re clearly a force.  Justin Smith impressed.  Haralson owned.  Special teams needs shoring up as well.  Again, it’s all quite correctible, but this loss falls at Nolan’s feet.  Dude’s obviously on a short leash; he can’t afford another loss like this one.

Hope lives on.  SF should take out their anger on Seattle in a very winnable game next week.

(Go Alex!)


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