Taos, you’re out of your element! (Film Draft)

The Big Lebowski

I’d do a snazzy little write up, but I was just informed my dog has been mauled.  I have to leave for the vet here in 5 minutes.  She sounds in really bad shape.

:’ (

Pray to dog Jesus for us.

Quick update: She is torn up pretty bad.  There is a six-inch gash along the side of her chest making her insides quite visible.  Lost a good deal of blood.  Her stomach may be punctured in a few places.  Possible further internal injuries.  (For readers not in the know, she’s an 8 y.o. miniature dachshund.)  The odds are up in the air.  Thankfully, she’s not as bad as we initially feared, though things aren’t looking up just yet either.  I’ll know more by tomorrow afternoon.


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