2008 NFL Season Forecast

Okay, so maybe New York and Washington already played, but that snoozer of a game doesn’t affect my prognostications.

And, here, we….go.

-north: Steelers
-south: Jaguars
-east: Patriots
-west: Broncos
*wildcards: Colts, Chargers

-north: Packers
-south: Saints
-east: Eagles
-west: 49ers
*wildcards: Giants, Cowboys

Jacksonville over the Giants

And, more specifically, in Niner land:

As for individual awards, SF players I see with great odds are Josh Morgan in contention for Offensive Rookie of the Year and Patrick Willis as Defensive Player of the Year.  Gore could surge back to the top and grab Offensive Player of the Year.

I see the Niners slipping by in the West w/ a 9-7ish type of record.

San Francisco’s D should be a top 10 unit this season provided Martz and his squad can move the ball somewhat well.  I still think Nolan and co. are making a huge, long-term mistake by not starting Alex, but I’ll support JTO.  How the QB position performs this year will determine where SF ends up.  I’m not too worried about the pass rush.  Between all of the team’s young talent and the potential that Martz’s system possesses, they could very easily accomplish what they were supposed to last season.  On the other hand, I can just as easily see ’em clocking in at 5-11 again this year.

This first game against Arizona (this pair always makes for a thrilling contest) ought to provide some insight.

Sunday should be exciting.


One Response to 2008 NFL Season Forecast

  1. Taos says:

    And David’s prediction of New England taking the afc east gets thwarted. Jets will most likely take it now with the Brett “This time i’m really retired” Favre.

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