Fantasy film draft

So I had this idea months ago to have a film draft between me, david, and numerous fictional entities. Unfortunately, i forgot all about this idea until I was falling asleep last night. I don’t really know where to go from here. I guess the draft would consist of taking turns, as in fantasy football drafts, selecting films for no reason and then I guess whoever comes up with the best films or something wins a fantasy prize. Horray! So let us begin. From the luck of the draw (and last year’s poor showing and the fact that he doesn’t know where David is) Taos gets first pick. (for those confused, david is next up after Taos’ pick. so he’ll just stroll in here when he wants to, and after we get tired of picking films or 11 each has been accumulated, we’ll quit and post the results and somehow tally them?)

Taos: Oh jee, not sure what to do here. Should I pick a new favorite or an old classic? So many decisions. Commercial success or critical acclaim? If only first pick was as easy as Miami makes it look almost every year. Ok i’m ready.

I pick Christopher Nolan’s “Memento.” Nolan’s breakthrough film cost a mere $4,500,000 to make and grossed almost $40,000,000 worldwide. Add two oscar nominations, several other nominations and awards, and we have one of the most intriguing films of the past decade.

Next up is David.

Where are you?


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