big screen losses

The New York Times

Just saw this; thought i’d comment real quick like. 

Apparently fewer people went to the movies this year than last. Sure we had Wall-E, The Dark Knight, and Iron Man; but people just didn’t come. Why? Well it isn’t cheap to go to the movies these days. Perhaps ticket prices have turned people off. Another theory, and one I hypothesize, is that television has gained popularity–with actual television, internet television, and my choice to watch the dvds. 

Two shows I enjoy regularly are House M.D., Entourage, and Boston Legal (three shows I enjoy). If you don’t get HBO, then netflix Entourage; if you don’t get netflix, buy it. If i’m not convincing you, well screw you!

Boston Legal: like William Shatner? then watch. Hate Shatner? don’t watch.

House M.D. is the best character driven drama on television today. Hugh Laurie is a phenomenal actor (british by the way) who is the biggest reason for watching this show. If I didn’t convince you yet, then chew on this–both of you! Bryan Singer is the producer; even directed a few episodes. He’s the guy who gave us X-Men, X2, Superman Returns, the upcoming Valkerie, and something you may have heard of called The Usual Suspects. So go forth, check out a couple episodes of the show. If you don’t like it, well, I won’t hold it against you; just give it a chance.


One Response to big screen losses

  1. David says:

    “House M.D. is the best character driven drama on television today.”

    You forgot to include, “because Veronica Mars was cancelled last summer.”

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