Her name Bubbles

Zack and Miri red band trailer has been released:

More typical Kevin Smith stuff here. I listen to SModcast so much that his dialogue is almost predictable, and I think i’ve heard a few stories or vulgar anecdotes that end up in the trailer. Oh, if you don’t know what SModcast is, then head over to Quick Stop Entertainment or iTunes and check out Kevin Smith and producer Scott Moser’s podcast. It is hilariously vulgar and sometimes disgusting, but always hilarious.

Top 10 of 2007

  1. There Will Be Blood
  2. Once
  3. No Country for Old Men
  4. Into the Wild
  5. The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford
  6. Lars and the Real Girl
  7. Zodiac
  8. Michael Clayton
  9. Knocked Up
  10. Juno

And there you have it. For reference, I place The Dark Knight at #4. It seems harder to place Dark Knight once a proper list is compiled. What will be interesting is where Dark Knight will rank once this year is over. Especially with Benjamin Button, Australia, Body of Lies, Choke, Traitor (haven’t seen yet), Changling, The Road, and Valkerie still to be released; Wall-E and In Bruges releasing beforehand. Should be a good year. I’m at least hoping the best is yet to come (which I can almost bet is true).

David: I have a problem with Before the Devil Knows You’re Dead. I’m surprised to even see it on a top ten list. What’s it do for ya? I guess different tastes for different folks. I guess I need to watch Bottle Rocket and Angel-A as well. My list my change yet.

We love you Sam!!!


18 Responses to Her name Bubbles

  1. This awesome guys. I would have to say the Keven Smith may have over stepped his crude humor bounds on this one. Seth Rogen is a great comedic actor wich will attract audiences to the theater ,but , and I may be wrong. This may just be a gross out and super vulger film even for Keven Smith.

  2. David says:

    -Who is this Max Lighting character? Dude sounds lame. Probably one of those losers from Iowa…

    -I saw Lars and the Real Girl the day after making my list. Really, really liked it. Probably go somewhere on a revised list of mine, just don’t know where.

    -Here’s my stance on 2008’s remaining releases…

    Can’t Wait:
    *The Road

    Very Excited:
    *Quantum of Solace

    The rest, my interest wavers. A pretty stellar trailer for Milk dropped today. Looks to be a major awards contender. All hinges on Penn’s performance (looked a little I Am Sam-ish in parts). I’ll post the trailer along with my thoughts tomorrow.

    -I’m continuously flip-flopping on whether TDK or In Bruges is my favorite of the year so far.

    -Lumet’s BtDKYD just put me through the ringer. So tense. Plus, just well-executed on every level.

    -In Angel-A, style sort of wins out, but it’s gosh darn entertaining and has enough meat to keep me intrigued. Just a good time.

  3. David says:

    Haha, oh yeah…

    As for Zack & Miri:

    Craig Robinson! FUCK YES!

  4. Matt says:

    “Her name bubbles” – WTF has happened to the verb “to be” and why do people talk like 2 year old children that have yet to master the English language?

  5. Taos says:

    It’s a quote from the aforementioned film, dip-shit.

  6. Matt says:

    Yes, I know it is a quote from a move. But wake up and take a look around you. People really talk like that. Yes, in the real real world people is be do talk dike dat.

  7. Matt says:

    Fucking baby talk. And the world seems to think it is hip and cool to speak like you are mildly retarded.

  8. Matt says:

    What is you be just say? Who is you to be talkin’ dike dat to me.

    I gets mines.

    Who you name is?

    Like I said. Fucking retarded baby talk.

  9. David says:

    Matt, will you marry me? I promise to employ proper grammar whilst screaming out during our animalistic, honeymoon love marathon.

  10. Matt says:


    Let’s be like keeps it real, know what I’m sayin’, know what I’m sayin’? I ain’t be one dohs undercover bruver, know what I’m sayin’, know what I’m sayin’. Dat be how yous do dat be coo, but I donts be get down dike dat, know what I’m sayin’, know what I’m sayin’?

    Know what I’m sayin’, know what I’m sayin’?

  11. David says:

    I know what you sayin’. 😦

    But do you know what you’s heart sayin’?

    Know what I’m sayin’?

  12. Matt says:

    My heart is saying that I am sick and tired of people willfully embracing ignorance and then claiming it is their culture. I am also sick of the rest of the world that admires this retarded hip hop culture with it’s misogyny, fascination with drugs and violent crime and overall retardedness. Monkey like shiny things. Monkey get angry is you be talk shiny things or monkey no get many shiny things.

    I am not necessarily fond of the term “talk black”, but I am willing to bet that the vast majority of people know exactly what that term means. Know what I’m sayin’, know what I’m sayin’?

  13. Aly says:

    Hey Matt, how about you stop worrying how other people speak and do something useful with your time. Congratulations, you have something to rant about and I’m sure every single one of your friends has heard it more than once and are ready to bash your head in. It is also possible you don’t have the guts to say this in real life for fear of looking like a bigot and an asshole. You achieved that here!

  14. Matt says:

    If by bigot you mean that I am intolerant of idiots that willfully embrace ignorance and then cry foul if anyone dare mock them as it is “their culture”, then guilty as charged.

  15. Matt says:

    Her name bubbles.

    M-O-O-N, dat be spell I like stuff.

  16. Matt says:

    Who is you be?

    I gets mines nigga! No what im sayin, no what im sayin? I keeps it real. You best believe eyes keeps it real and come correct. Dont be make me come out pocket and represent. I bust a cap in you ass. I get the chopper and keeps it real – like a brrrratttatttatat. Chopper be like take you leg off. Take they arm off. No what im sayin, no what im sayin?

  17. Jim! says:

    I mean I found that line to be particularly fucking annoying, but I loled because Matt’s a racist, clearly.

  18. Dani says:

    Matt is beyond racist… I understand you want people to speak correctly, I would like that too… but you have to keep in mind that the people that speak like that only do because they weren’t allowed access to the proper education your white privileged self and your ancestors were. I could go into mad details about how “The Man” kept us down, but no one wants to hear all that. I think Matt maxed the “rant” quota for ALL of us today.
    By the way, Mr. Matt, if you are going to make fun of people and the way they speak, at least do it right. This is just as offensive as those people who “speak Chinese” by saying a bunch of “chings” and “chong” (It makes me sick to know that people even do that…)
    So moral of the story is… Matt get off your high horse… you talk too damn much, if you speak well… great… go do something with that – read a book, write a story, or do the world a favor and just straight shut the fuck up.

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