A quick post before class, and a promise for another later…

Not too much time to post. Just got back to the interwebs after a brief sojourn at my parent’s house over the weekend. 

Point 1: No Country for Old Men pwns Dark Knight. I thought the whole sonar thing was way over the top. I was really turned off by it on the first viewing; it just didn’t feel right. Am I the only one who thinks the setting of the Dark Knight felt way different from Batman Begins? I walked out of the film at the midnight show despising it. Anyway, that is a whole ‘nother post. 

Point 2:Watchmen Lawsuit

Even though I feel the film won’t live up to the graphic novel, i’m still anxious to see it in March and will be slightly disappointed if this gets pushed to summer or beyond.

Point 3: Even though The Dark Knight in terms of being a good movie ranks below some of last year’s top ten, It was immensely more entertaining than No Country. I think my love for No Country wains because i had read the novel beforehand.

Point 4: What is with the points?

Point 5: The next post will be better.


One Response to A quick post before class, and a promise for another later…

  1. David says:

    1) Yeah, but I thought it was well known that the production design was going to be way different. I mean, I thought if nothing else, it was apparent in that initial trailer and the ones that followed.

    Certainly much sleeker, brighter, reflecting Batman’s presence in his first year on duty while also making for a more powerful juxtaposition with the Joker.

    2) If you unscramble the letters in Fox, you end up with Ass. I think with the trial set in early January now, we’ll still get the release in March.

    3) Not for me. Even on pure entertainment level, I enjoyed No Country more. The novel really must have dampered your outlook.

    4) A) Your insecurity regarding the use of letters and B) You’re a robot.

    5) Her name Bubbles > this one doesn’t count

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