Batman 3

We all know Batman 3 is way of (probably 3 years at least), but that doesn’t mean we can’t speculate. 

Now, no one knows who the next big villain is, but if you ask most people the next logical (though with Nolan that word doesn’t mean much) choice would be “The Riddler.”

I know this is a bit old, but for those who haven’t seen the fan-made poster for Batman 3, check this out.

Like everyone else, I wrote a treatment for my version of Batman 3. It did include the riddler, but also included the now assumed dead Harvey “Two-Face,” of whom the script indicates as dead 😦

Oh well. I really think they need Two-Face to truly complete the trilogy on a high note, but perhaps the Nolan’s will cook something up. It really wouldn’t be that hard to bring Two Face back because of the film’s vagueness surrounding his supposed death. Perhaps just the death of Harvey but the survival of Two-Face?

Anyhow, true film geeks like me aren’t as concerned with the next Batman as we are with Nolan’s next non-Batman film. I’ve heard “The Prisoner” is a no-go, so i’m not sure what’s next for Christopher. I know Jonathan is still attached to Spielberg’s rumored “Interstellar,” and is also working on the screenplay for “Terminator Salvation,” which hadn’t interested me until I saw he was penning it. 

Christopher’s schedule is still a mystery. “The Prisoner” has been rumored to become a mini-series (which Nolan could still direct if I had my way). “The Keys to the Street” will likely never get made. So what’s next? What do people want to see? (and don’t say Batman!) I know his strength lies in suspense and crime type stories, but i’d like to see him stretch himself artistically. How about something sci-fi? Oh wait! Did anyone hear the rumor about the comic adaptation he was supposed to do of “The Exec”? I haven’t read the comic, but i’m sure Chris would do a fantastic job, even if the source material was crap. Which he pretty much did with “The Prestige.” That book jumbled and confusing, and Chris turned it into something coherent and interesting.

What are your thoughts? Does anybody read this? Does David even read this?


One Response to Batman 3

  1. Samuel says:

    No Prisoner?!

    The Exec sounds worthless. Nolan should write something original again like with Memento and Following.

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