First Post

The two of you who actually read the previous blog titled, “The Joy Seed,” will rejoice once again to learn the two creative minds that brought you many a laugh have since passed and subsequently ceded their names to us for creative license. 

Hopefully, within the next few weeks we’ll be able to produce a steady stream of posts pertaining to all things film, entertainment, comics, Daniel Day Lewis, and any other tidbits of information which interest us. I no way can we compete with the big film websites like ainitcool or rottentomatoes, instead, we hope to inject our unique brand of humor into the hypothetical rear-end of the entertainment world and cure the boring news and reviews only sites. Not that there won’t be a healthy dose of news and reviews; we just won’t limit ourselves to that… 

Enough rambling for now I guess. I’ll let my partner in crime post his thoughts and opinions on this whole offensive thing when he gets a chance. Until then, stay clean and have a milkshake.


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